Acidic Mindfuck Recipe


1 oz Vodka

1 oz Goldschlager

1 oz Jagermeister

1 oz Romana Sambuca

1 oz Rumple Minze

Acidic Mindfuck Directions

Mix the Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Rumple Minze, Romana black sambuca and vodka in a chilled highball glass with ice and serve cold, or combine in a cup, then microwave it, and serve hot.

Serve Acidic Mindfuck in a Pint Glass

Acid Water Recipe


1 oz Vodka

1 oz Everclear

1 oz Whiskey

1 oz 7-Up

Acid Water Directions

Pour the Bacardi, Moonshine and Everclear into an old-fashioned or highball glass. Add the 7-up, stir briefly, and serve.

Serve Acid Water in a Highball Glass

Absinthe Drip Recipe


2 oz Absinthe

2 tsp Sugar

Absinthe Drip Directions

Add absinthe and one large cube of ice to an old-fashioned glass. Place an absinthe spoon across the top of the glass with the sugar on it, and pour drops of water onto the spoon. The water will drop through the holes in the absinthe spoon.

Serve Absinthe Drip in a Old-Fashioned Glass

A Splash of Mexico Recipe


6 oz Beer

8 oz Kiwi-Strawberry Juice

A Splash of Mexico Directions

Pour the corona lager into a highball glass. Fill with V8 Splash, or vary amount to taste, and serve.

Serve A Splash of Mexico in a Highball Glass

Pajala Sunrise Recipe


20 cl Vodka

Pajala Sunrise Directions

Fill a glass with vodka and place a slice of sausage on the edge.

Serve Pajala Sunrise in a Beer Mug